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Snellville Pet Sitter Talks About Why Dog Kisses Might Not Be the Best Idea for Your Health

We’ve all been there; we are happily saying hello to our fluffy friend Fido when all of the sudden he gets us on the mouth with his tongue.  A thorough wiping of the mouth, gargling with water, washing our hands, … Continue reading

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Duluth Dog Trainer on How to Train Your Dog to Love the Crate

Puppy Crate Training Crating is the mantra for many of today’s dog parents.  It can save your furniture, your shoes, and your sanity when training a destructive puppy, and can be the refuge for an older dog in a chaotic … Continue reading

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Snellville Pet Sitter Talks About The Benefits of Pet Dental Health

They’re furry, have a tail and love to eat food off the floor – but their teeth are just like ours.  In fact, our pets’ teeth are much more important.  From stealing socks to playing tug of war with the … Continue reading

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Do Dogs Benefit from Watching Television? Ask a Snellville Dog Walker

Often, the last step on our way out the door is to click on the TV, so pets don’t feel like they are alone.  Owners can spot Fido staring intently at the show they are watching, and sometimes they even … Continue reading

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