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Dog Tips: Keeping Cool When It Gets Hot

“Don’t sweat the small stuff.” If you’re human, this wise advice is actually hard to follow since our bodies are made to sweat. We get rid of body heat by the process of evaporation. We pretty much have a built-in … Continue reading

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Perfect Road Trip with your Pet

It is summer! The sun is out, the beach is beckoning, and the open road is calling you. Whether you’re taking advantage of summer vacation to go out and make some memories, or you’re taking a cross-country trip or move, … Continue reading

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In Snellville Georgia Don’t Let Your Dog Become A Statistic Be Prepared Before Your Dog Is Lost

The Statistics Of Lost Pets Did you know that a family pet is lost every 2 seconds, only 1 in 10pets are found, and 10 million plus pets are lost each year? These statistics are sobering. It’s easy to understand … Continue reading

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Snellville Dog Trainer: Can I Teach My Dog Not To Jump On People?

Is this your dog when visitors come to your home? They perform the happy dance, leaping and jumping. Does this happen all the time, and do you find it escalating?  If so then read more… How To Teach Your Dog … Continue reading

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