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How to Keep your Cat Fit

If your cat is an indoor cat, you might worry about whether or not they get enough exercise.  Cats, fortunately, have a much higher metabolism than humans which continues to work even as they gracefully lounge around the house.  This … Continue reading

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How to Make Sure Your Cat Knows You Love Them

Cats are silly creatures.  They’re cute and cuddly one minute and standoffish the next. However, they have their unique ways of showing they love you. Bringing you “dinner” in the form of a miscellaneous dead creature, “helping” you with chores … Continue reading

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Most Popular Pet Birds for Pet Owners

Care and Love for Your Bird Birds are becoming incredibly popular now, and there are many reasons for this from the fact that there are over 16.2 million people who currently own them. They are great pets and are a … Continue reading

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Keep your Pets Safe Everyday with These Medication Storage Tips

It’s common nowadays for pets to be on regular medications.  Many pets take medicine like monthly flea and tick prevention as well as monthly heartworm pills.  If your pup is in their twilight years, your list of medications can grow … Continue reading

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