2 Paws Up’s Top 10 List for Hiring a Professional Pet Sitter

Jessica-Bryant-187x300If you ever watched The Late Show with David Letterman, you’re certainly familiar with his famous top 10 lists. Well, we at 2 Paws Up decided to have a little bit of fun ourselves and create a list of the top 10 reasons why you should hire a professional pet sitter when it comes to caring for your pet, rather than relying on a family member or friend.

Reason Number 10. While you are away from home, not only do we care for your pets as if they’re our own, but we also make your house look “lived in” by turning lights on and off, opening and closing your blinds, checking your mail, etc. Ask your twenty-something year old brother to do the same and he’ll likely achieve the “lived in” look with empty pizza boxes and beer cans scattered around your house.

Reason Number 9. As professional pet sitters, we always have an emergency back-up plan in place in the event your scheduled sitter can’t make it to your home in time. So you asked the little girl down the street to take care of your precious pooch while you’re away? Her emergency back-up plan is probably a bottle of carpet cleaner to take care of the mess your pet made when she forgot to take him out for his afternoon walk.

Reason Number 8. Whereas we, as professionals, are obligated to provide an exceptional service, your neighbor Michelle likely agreed to watch your cat as a favor. What’s the difference between an obligation and a favor? A favor implies choice, meaning if Michelle would rather stay home and watch daytime TV than feed your kitty and change her litter, so be it. A sitter’s obligation is to make your pet a priority; nothing else comes first.

Reason Number 7. 2 Paws Up’s professional pet sitters keep you up-to-date on your pet’s activities and well-being with text, email and photo updates. Your little sister Tiffany is likely more interested in sending you a selfie.

Reason Number 6. We’ve received countless positive reviews for the services we provide. Your mother’s claim that big brother Mike will do a great job watching your cuddly canine while you’re away does not constitute a positive review.

Reason Number 5. 2 Paws Up was awarded Best of Gwinnett last year. What “best of” award has your neighbor won? That’s right… none!

Reason Number 4. Our sitters bonded and insured for your home and your pet’s protection. The car insurance your best friend carries just doesn’t cut it.

Reason Number 3. As professional pet sitters, we spend all day, every day caring for pets and we know how to handle even the most difficult situations. Just because your neighbor’s teenage daughter has a pet iguana, that doesn’t make her qualified to care for your 13-year old Poodle.

Reason Number 2. Depending on your pet’s needs, we can provide up to four visits per day. Four visits per day would definitely put a cramp in your nephew’s social schedule.

Reason Number 1. And, the number one reason to hire a 2 Paws Up professional pet sitter (drum roll, please)… Taking proper care of your pet is our business; it’s our way of life; it’s what we do. Put your fur baby’s care in our hands and you’ll have no regrets… unlike the time your cousin dyed your pooch pink while you were on vacation.

Call us today for a consultation ~ 770-695-3096. You’ll be happy you did!

See more at- http://www.2pawsupinc.com


About 2pawsupinc

2 Paws up pet sitting company that creates harmony for your pets by ensuring they receive the right level of exercise along with lots of love and attention.
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