3 Reasons Why We Don’t Offer Every Other Day Cat Sitting Visits

pmnuR-aSUwX919jUY5MCw0u0n4qXnryUeT72ZWiDAlQ-150x150People who have cats will probably agree that cats in general are very independent and self sufficient, and live life on their own terms.  When the mood strikes them they will ask to be petted, and want to play on their terms and time.

However, as independent has they may appear, they still need supervision, especially if you are going to be away from the home for more than 24 hours. Unfortunately, because of that independent streak cats get into trouble.  They can get ill very quickly, and can die if not taken to the vet immediately.  I remember my own cat.  Fine one day and the next, lying in his cat box. If we had not taken swift action, he might not be with us today.

  1. Your cat may get sick or injured.

No one expects their cat to get sick or injured in a day.  Your cat may be walking on a shelf in your home and trip over a figurine, falling and getting hurt.  Could you image your cat lying there hurt for two days?

  1. Your cat may be tempted to overeat.

Some cats are prone to eat their food until it’s gone.  An automatic food dispenser may seem like a dream come true for your cat.  Over eating can lead to health issues.  A pet sitter can ensure your cat doesn’t overeat by feeding him the recommended amount of food each day.

  1. You cat could become trapped.

How many times have you searched for your cat and they are nowhere to be found?  They hide so well, and only want to be found when they are ready. However, sometimes you find them in the closed linen closet or inside a cabinet. They went in when the door was open and you did not see them sneak inside.

Leaving your cat home alone for more than a day, without someone to check in, might not be a good choice when you consider the potential risks.

2 Paws Up Inc daily cat sitting visits will provide your precious kitties with the care, time, and attention they need and crave while you’re away.

Give us call to discuss your cat sitting needs.  You will be glad you did.  Visit our website www.2pawsupinc.com and submit a Request-A-Quote or Call us at 770-695-3096


About 2pawsupinc

2 Paws up pet sitting company that creates harmony for your pets by ensuring they receive the right level of exercise along with lots of love and attention.
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