Dog Sitter Pro Pips: Good indoor games for poodles

Halloween-with-Tyler-768x576Poodles were originally bred to fetch game from water and too as carriage dogs. This means that apart from being good looking, they are also super smart.

If you have a bored poodle, an indoor treasure hunt may be just the thing.

Treasure hunts are terrific because they appeal to your pet’s strong points: scenting and searching.

First, teach your dog the name of his best toy.  Do this by picking up the toy and saying the name over and over again.  When your pet nudges it with his or her nose, repeat the name and praise.

When your pet understands what the toy is called, ask him to sit.  Then “hide” the toy in the room in plain view and ask the dog to fetch.

Tip: don’t worry if you haven’t tried fetch yet!  Put it two steps away and your pet will fetch the toy and bring it back to show off instinctively.  Encourage this with praise and keep increasing the fetch distance.

When this part becomes routine, start hiding the toy out of sight – like behind the sofa.  Make sure your pet can see what you are doing.  Say, “Fetch!” and act super surprised when your clever pet gets the toy.

Now you have the concept of looking for hidden things, start playing sneaky by pretending to put the toy behind the sofa but actually putting it on the windowsill.

Eventually you should be able to teach your dog to tell apart several toys, and to hide them all over the house.

Try it!  Treasure hunting is fun – for you and your pet!

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