Have you Heard Why Dogs Bark at the Postman?

Dog-Barking-768x512Do you wonder why your pet keep barking its head off at the postman, and all the other people who trail regularly to your front door?  And are you driven insane at trying to control the noise?  Here are some ideas as to what’s going on and how you can deal with it.

First, you have to think canine.  For your pet, there are certain universal truths.  One is that you are the best person in the world.  Another is that you are a complete dolt, unable to recognize a threat when you see one.

You see, your pet knows that territory is vital. You need to keep your ground free and clear of all enemies so that you and your loved ones are safe.

Now, you have your territory and every single day there’s this evil person sneaking up and trying to invade!  He tries to dump things like letters and parcels too, the scoundrel!  But it’s okay because your brave pet is scaring him off.

Yes, every single day your best friend is making sure you and the rest of the family are safe from the assaults of the postman and his fellow friends the paper boy, the trash collectors and the meter readers.

Now you are seeing your pet’s point of view, the solution is fairly clear.  Instead of yelling (which your pet takes as encouragement like you’re barking along) you should very quietly calm your pet.

Teach your pet to bark once, say “well done” and then very gently put your hand over his mouth and say “Quiet now.” Praise the silence and get your dog into a routine where one bark is enough. Click and treat works well too. Try having them look always to you for command. It only takes 5 to 10 minutes a day to teach a dog a new trick.

Also, if you can, introduce the postman to your dog so that your pet knows it’s not the enemy but a friend.

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