6 Tips On How To Bathe Your Cat

Why-is-my-cat-shedding-1024x683Woman combing British cat on white background

Want to bathe your cat, but don’t want to be scratched to ribbons? Check out these tips.

#1 Ask yourself if a bath is necessary. Long haired cats need a bit of help but healthy shorthairs tend to keep themselves clean.  If your pet has oil or something nasty on its coat, then bring out the soap, but if you think your pet needs washing just because, then reconsider.

#2 Buy pet appropriate products.  Shampoo for bipeds can be harmful to pets, so make sure you have a cat shampoo.  

#3 Think cat. Cats are attacked from above, so use the kitchen sink, not a bath.  Also, stay away from eyes and ears if you can. They’re too delicate for you to handle and your pet can deal with those privately.

#4 Prepare. Get your towel and soap ready before you get your cat. If you can, use a sink with a tall tap and have it running on luke warm before you start. The shorter the process, the less stress.

#5 Wear layers. Your pet may scratch so wear two or three thin t-shirts and prepare to suck it up. Remember your cat is scared so talk softly and don’t let spectators come and help or take pictures.  This is not the time.  

#6 Be gentle. Use luke warm water, don’t splash and don’t tug or scrub.  Best results come from a bath that’s chest high. Insert your pet gently, talking softly, and then wash the front and back before touching the tummy and tail. Fold in a big towel and pat dry.

Finally, let your pet recover and then offer something exceptionally yummy to make up for this dreadful experience. Apologise profusely, after all, you have committed a heinous crime.

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