Take your dog for a swim!

Dogs-swimming-by-StormchacerThere are dogs that have a famous penchant for water, namely the Irish Water Spaniel, Labrador retriever and Nova Scotia Duck Toller, all of whom were originally bred to work as a team with duck and game hunters. However, most dogs adore going swimming, especially on a warm summer day.

Swimming is a fantastic activity for pets because it’s healthy fun exercise that’s low impact.  For older pets, or dogs with hip issues, a swim can be a lovely way to firm up muscles and work out.

It has a novelty factor too, which your pet will love.  If you have a floating toy, a game of fetch becomes a super special event – especially because your dog will adore showering you with water after!  Dogs like a practical joke as much as we do, right?

If you have a canine pool near you, a swim can also be an ideal play date.  Your pet will meet other dogs, and splash about in a shallow pool.  The benefits include clean safe water, and if there’s a problem, it’s a simple matter to dive in and get your pet out.

However, if your pet is not very social, or is nervous of swimming with others, a lake may be a better choice. For this, you need to be sure that the place is safe and free from wire, underwater wooden stakes, fishing lines and so forth.

A shallow bit of ocean can be absolutely perfect, because then you can see easily what’s on the bottom.  However, if you choose the beach, be fully informed of tides and safe water issues.

Wherever you go, do watch out for fatigue and sunstroke.  Small dogs especially will easily be carried away with the fun of it, and overdo things.  Set a time limit and when it’s time to quit, make sure your pet has a cool water rinse, a long drink and a snooze after.

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