What to Do if Your Pet is Lost

No pet parent wants to know the fear and angst that goes along with having a lost pet, after all, it is our responsibility to keep our fur babies safe and sound. But sometimes, despite our best efforts, events such as a pet wandering away from home, escaping his outdoor enclosure, or even being taken by another person can happen. It used to be that posting “LOST!” signs on utility poles and in veterinarian offices was the best method of notifying neighbors to be on the lookout for a lost pet, but thanks to our current world of technology and social media, there are so many other options available to aid in the search for a lost four-legged friend.

If you ever experience the despair of losing a pet, take to social media immediately, but be aware that how you share a post matters a great deal. It is proven that Facebook, Instagram and other social sites have shown great results in tracking lost pets and returning them home safely, but the manner in which you ask for the help of others will have a major impact on your search.

In order to keep people invested and involved in your search, it is important to keep them updated as much as possible. You want people to share your posts with others, spreading information about your pet to their social media friends and acquaintances.

Be sure to follow these guidelines when posting on social media in order to promote an encouraging, shareable post about your lost pet and your search to find him:

  1. Create one main post on your own page that explains what happened (for example, your dog dug under your fence and escaped and now you can’t locate him), the location he was last seen, a current photo and description of your pet, your pet’s name and how to reach you in the event he is found.
  1. Make sure the setting for your post is ‘public.’
  1. During your search, it will likely be helpful to change the security settings on your account, allowing anyone to view your profile. In most instances, it helps others to be able to put a face with a name, and seeing a “real” person in need of help may increase others’ chances of joining in on the search.
  1. Create a “LOST!” flyer and post it to your social media pages. Photos encourage more shares.
  1. Post updates regularly by editing your original post, keeping most recent information on top. A post that is kept fresh and updated is more likely to be shared.
  1. If you know of specific people you would like to ensure see your post, tag them or ‘share’ the post on their page. Either option will make your post visible to their friends and followers, if their privacy settings allow.
  1. In order to increase your Facebook post’s visibility to others in your area, you may want to spend some money to promote your post. You can set a budget that fits your financial abilities, and promoting will dramatically increase the number of people who see your post.

While the obvious hope is you will never experience the stress and despair of a lost pet, if you do, it’s comforting to know you have social media on your side, expanding your reach when it comes to searching for your beloved pet.

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