Treat Your Dog to an Excellent Home Meal

1-ytimg_1434547430Forget the canned food which may be tainted with chemicals and who knows what else. These days it is all about making food at home with the best ingredients so that you will be able to know that the animals are getting the best nourishment. That means there are many owners that are taking this into their own hands and are cooking gourmet meals at home for their dogs with the best ingredients.

There is a lot of confusion currently about what dogs should eat; there are many foods out there with vegetables as well as different combinations of meat. It is very confusing for most owners as they do not have any idea what they should be feeding their dogs with a large amount of the confusion coming from advertising campaigns as to what the appropriate diet should be. But where does all of the wrong information come from and how is it possible that so many people have no idea what they should be doing to ensure that their dogs are happy and healthy?

Since the ancestor of the dog is the wolf, being a canine in the wild there are carnivores. With the exception of when there are digestive issues, the wolves live on a diet exclusively of meat. However, one thing of note which is a huge difference is the level of activity between dogs and wolves. Since wolves live in the wild and are always foraging and hunting for food, for that reason the wolves can eat almost anything they want without the fear of getting obese. Since wolves are always chasing after their pray they will assuredly need to be in able to run after it.

Dogs on the other hand are much different in their exercise needs. Dogs are kept and for that reason they are able to be heavier as well as are able to have less exercise in their lives. This means that all dogs should be fed a bit of a leaner diet if they are going to not grow obese. The average dog is merely walked once a day and instead is not able to run and have the kind of exercise that a wolf would have in the wild. For that reason it is important to feed your dog healthfully and also not to give it a diet that is 100% protein. If you give the dog the same diet that a wolf would have it will lead to obesity.

One thing you must think about first is the level of exercise of your dog. How active is your dog on a regular basis? Does your dog get out and work out 3-4 times per day? If the answer is no, which means that you need to be making food for your dog out of lean protein. That means that you must be thinking about your dog as an eater of fish and also chicken. In addition to that you must also occasionally add in lean vegetables into the diet of your dog as well to ensure that you are able to help with the digestive process.

When you are preparing food for your dog you must also cut all of the pieces into small bits so that you will be able to ensure that the dog does not choke, and is able to digest all of the food easily. The food also must be cooked as well to ensure that you are able to have healthy and safe food for your dog. The best standards for preparing your food for your dog, is do not to serve your dog food you would not eat. Do not serve your dog raw meat or chicken which would enable you to have salmonella poisoning. While in the wild wolves are able to consume raw meat because their bodies are full of parasites which will allow them to digest the meat raw without getting ill.

Dogs however, being domestic animals need to have access to the same health standards we would use to ensure that they are able to be cared for as well as taken care of on a regular basis. There are many excellent resources to be able to find the best recipes and locations to have access to the best foods for your dog. No one loves your pet like you, for this reason give it the best that you can offer and you will be able to keep it happy and healthy for years to come.

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Why Do Cats Urinate in the House?

I have been asked this question on more than one occasion as to why are my cats are urinating in the house.  I decided to look for an article on “Why do cats urinate in the house instead of in their cat box?”  Is it separation anxiety or are they having a health issue?  This article addresses the health aspect as to perhaps why your kitties are not properly using their cat boxes.  I hope you enjoy the article as well as find it informative.  I would love to hear your comments about the article or what you have found out about your own cats and their reason for urinating in the house.

Why Do Cats Urinate in the House?

There are many reasons why your cat might be peeing in the house, anything from cleanliness, change of territory and the scent of another cat. Let’s look at why cats urinate in the house and what you can do to make it stop.

Making your cat stop urinating on the carpet is easier than it seems. Many cat owners cannot keep an eye on their pet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so it becomes difficult to see what they are doing, where and why they are doing it. I want to run through some real life situations that have happened to me, and how I stopped the constant urinating on carpets.

Why do cats urinate in the house, and what you can do to make it stop?

One of the many reasons cat owners find themselves in this predicament is down to health issues. A couple of years ago my male cat was starting to pee just outside his litter tray, and then over a few days, he spread to other rooms and before I knew it, the house was starting to smell of urine. He had never done this before, he was always clean and never missed the spot when it came to doing his business.

Over the next couple of days, I made more of an attempt to follow him, only to find he wasn’t peeing as normal. The short story is, he had a urinary infection, and the vet mentioned that he might be associating the pain he felt when he urinated to his litter tray, and so he avoided going in. I don’t want to scare you, but if this sounds like something that could be happening to your cat, then either give your local vet a call, or take him in for an examination.

If the above is not something you think is happening, then lets run through another couple of reasons of why cats urinate in the house.

A change of territory is also another reason for random urinating, as they are simply marking their new home with their smell. You may see this happen for only a couple of days, but if it continues, then there might be other issues to look at.

Cleanliness is something I must mention, because it has happened to me in the past. If you have an indoor cat which uses only a litter tray, then having a dirty box is something of a no go area for many cats. Daily cleaning is essential, and the urinating in carpets will start to fade within days. Make sure your cat has easy access to his tray when it is cleaned.

These simple steps above may sound obvious, but many people have busy lives and forget that the simple things are usually the problem. If you think your cat has health issues, then don’t waste any time in having the vet give him a health check.

Stop your Cat Peeing on the Carpet. This easy to read book, has helped me and thousands more around the world, simply click on the link to get your copy now. You will also find cleaning tips, and how to tell if your Cat is trying to tell you something.

About the Author:
My name is David Barratt Jackson. I have been working with Cats for the past 10 years, on everything from training to cleaning. If you are having a problem with your cat Peeing on your Carpet and not using their Litter Tray, then I can help.

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Is My Cat’s Hair Loss Normal?

Cats love to be brushed. Have you brushed your cat today?

One thing that most cat lovers can agree on is that although they adore their furry friend, they are significantly less fond of the inevitable hair on clothes. Often cat hair loss is nothing to be concerned about as cat hair shedding is completely normal. Shedding is the physiological process of pushing out dead hair. Some cats will shed more than others; however, there are factors that can lead to your cat shedding more excessively. You may notice that your cat will lose more hair in the spring and fall while its fur may grow thicker in the winter. It is important to understand that cats often shed despite whatever season they are in.

Is this shedding or should I be concerned?

However, if your cat’s hair loss is significant, coming out in clumps, if your cat is exhibiting bald patches, or showing signs of noticeable skin discomfort – these signs could be indicative of underlying health problems. Alopecia is a common problem and can be caused by fungi such as ringworm, nervous disorders, and various other reasons. Signs of alopecia include partial or complete hair loss. The skin in the area where you cat is experiencing hair loss can look completely normal or it can have bumps, redness, scabs, and skin loss.

Underlying medical conditions that can cause feline hair loss include: Sunburn, Allergies, Medications, Ringworm, Bacterial infection, Stress/ Anxiety, Fleas, Hormonal imbalance, Poor diet, Auto-immune disease and Pregnancy.

What should I do about it?

If you feel that your cat’s hair loss is abnormal make sure that you go to the vet to rule out any underlying medical conditions. Your vet will thoroughly examine your cat to get to the root cause of your cat’s hair loss. Be patient as this may require a period of trial and error, especially if your veterinary doctor believes an allergy of some sort is at play here. Additionally, naturally occurring shedding can be decreased with regular brushing and a balanced diet. Omega 3 or omega 6 fatty acids is really good for your cat’s coat and skin, and a monthly bath will remove excess fur.

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Checklist To Help Prepare For Your Dog Walker

Dog walking adventures are just the cure for canine boredom!

Do you worry about your dog getting bored or lonely during the day when you’re gone? Have you considered having one of our certified, and trained dog walkers to take your “mans or moms best friend” on a dog walking adventure? We’re flexible! This service is available to you 7-days a week. You can choose the number of days per week that will fit into your busy lifestyle.

Dog Walking Adventures

This is perfect for you and your dog(s)! We have adventures that are perfect for all shapes and sizes of dogs. We also don’t mind if the owner wants to come along too. Maybe you have a mother or father that you worry is not getting out and walking their dog(s) like they should and you would just feel better if someone was there to help.

Dog Walking adventures are perfect for all dogs. They especially benefit high energy, overweight or dogs who suffer from boredom or separation anxiety, and destructive behaviors.

Dog Walkers

We often hear “anyone can walk a dog”, but do you really just want anyone walking your dog? Our dog walkers receive education and training in subjects such as dog body language, managing reactivity, and proper leash handling skills.  Whether your dog is great on a leash or is a work in progress, we are prepared to walk them safely.

Checklist For Dog Walking

We have created a checklist tool to help you prepare for your dog walker.

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Pros and Cons of Using a Dog Walking App Service

Depositphotos_22072057_original-Dog-Walking-300x300Did you know that you can download an app and have a dog walker come to your home sight unseen at any time? Wow, that is so cool! We often hear “anyone can walk a dog.” So why not try a “UBER” dog walker?

Why Not?

STOP…let’s think about this for a minute. Do you want anyone walking your dog? Do they have the skills and training in subjects such as dog body language, managing reactivity, and proper leash handling skills? Can they handle your puller?

Dogs are not just pets; they are our fur-children. Would you use a phone app to hire a babysitter for your children? Give them access to your home not having met them first the way you order a car ride from your phone? I would believe most would say no. So why would you use a service like “Uber” on demand to book a dog walker to walk your fur-children?

Trust, Security, and Safety

I would worry about trust, security, and safety issues using an on-demand dog walker. Most have us have cameras, and yes, this is a wonderful security feature. However, if you’re at work, and you see happening to your home and pets, could you get home in time to stop the situation?

When I first heard about these types of dog walking companies, I understood the convenience of requesting a dog walker on demand through a phone app. Although, most companies like ours try very hard to accommodate for last minute requests. There may be an additional fee but these last minute/short notice requests, similar to these other on-demand companies. Service may also be submitted from the convenience of your smartphone by making a phone call, or by logging into your pet care portal, or by sending an email.

The only way a dog walking or pet sitting service like this can gain your trust is when you meet someone from that company. Most professional dog walkers do not walk dogs off-leash or in packs for the safety of the dogs. Plus, we shouldn’t believe another person’s dog will listen to them off leash no matter how well trained. There is no guarantee that even the friendliest of dogs will always get along.

I see the biggest problem with the “on demand” companies is they depersonalize something that is so personal and precious to me. I have poured my heart and soul into perfecting 2 Paws Up Inc since 2003 of making sure our clients and their pets always have a wonderful experience.

Commitment to Our Clients

We are committed to our clients’ happiness, and we find ways to better our services. Dogs are a part of our family. We custom tailor each visit to each client and their dogs. At each visit, the client is emailed an e-journal with pictures of their dogs. We know when our pet sitters/dog walkers arrive and complete their visits via using GPS tracking.

How to Get Started – Give Your Dog The Gift of a Dog Walking Service

Did you know and have you ever considered using the service of a dog walker? Give us a call, or email, and we will be happy to get your dog or dogs started. Dog walking is a great service for all shapes, sizes, and ages. From puppies who can’t hold it to senior dogs who also need to go out to potty. We offer dog walking for 30, 45 and 60 minutes. We also offer to take the dogs to a park and walking them. Park walks are great for stimulation and socialization.

Schedule your dog walking service:

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What Would Be Your #1 Reason To Hire A Loganville Georgia Dog Walker?

If we sound a little biased, we might be.  The truth is, hiring a Loganville Georiga dog walker can provide incredible benefits for your pet, as well as for you. If you have never given a thought to hiring a dog walker then here are the top 5 reason we believe hiring a dog walker is incredibly important:


Every minute counts in our busy lives. Consistent lengthy walks are often difficult to fit into our schedules. Do you find this to be true for you too? We wake up extra early. We go home at lunch to walk the dog while we eat in the car to save time. We delay making dinner with the family because we have to walk the dog. With a regular dog walker, your dog still gets all the exercise and attention they deserve, while you get back your time. Everyone wins!


Just like us, our dogs need regular and consistent exercise to live a long healthy life. According to the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, an estimated 54% of dogs and cats in the US are obese. This could be easily prevented or even diminished with proper exercise to avoid those specific health problems in your pets lifetime. One of the best ways to keep your pet healthy is to provide 3 or more 20-minute walks per day.


A tired dog is a good dog. Regular walking helps to reduce excess energy in your dog, resulting in calmer behavior at home. Your dogs will be less inclined to bark, chew, bite or use the bathroom indoors with frequent, lengthy walks.

Socialization and Stimulation

Walking is not only great exercise for your dog it also stimulates their senses. Your dog gets to smell, see, feel, and hear all types of interesting and new things that are stimulating when out for a walk. Stimulation might include seeing other people or animals, which can be an excellent way to encourage proper socialization for your dog. We as humans often take these stimuli for granted, and we easily forget that these are frequently the highlights of our dog’s day.

Peace of Mind

Hiring a dog walker gives you the peace of mind your dog is well taken care of, even while your away from home. Having a dog walker you will not have to worry as much if you need to stay late for work, or you want to go out with friends or hit the gym for a much-needed stress relief workout. The best caveat is if your dog doesn’t complete “finish” when you take them out in the morning you know your dog walker will be there for your dog.

There are many other factors that come into play for hiring a dog walker in Loganville Georgia. 2 Paws Up Inc Pet Sitting, Dog Walking, and Dog Training makes iring a knowledgeable and trained dog walker easy with our online scheduling 24/7.

2 Paws Up Inc provides peace of mind to you by hand selecting and training our dog walkers because we can. If you hire an independent contractor they cannot be trained because they are an independent business owner working for an independent company.

The What Ifs Of A Dog Attack Between An Employee and Independent Contractor?

Has your dog walker been trained in dog behavior? Do they know the signs of dog aggression, and what to do in a situation? How do they handle a dog attack out of nowhere? Can they respond fast enough? Heaven forbid, it should happen whos protocol do they use. Their company or the company they are subcontracted with? What a potential legal mess. If someone gets hurt, will you have to file homeowners claim for medical expenses, loss of worker wages, and mental anguish?

Our company carries workman’s compensation insurance on our employees. If they get hurt on the job we pay! We bring you peace of mind knowing our dog walkers are employees of the company.

Let Us Help You

We’d love to help you and your dog get the benefits a professional, highly trained dog walker can provide. Call 770-695-3096 for more information or you can schedule your dog walking 24/7 through our secure pet care portal:

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Why We Use More than One Sitter

Depositphotos_8265272_s-2015-mothers-day-300x200Sometimes people wonder if they will get the same pet sitter or dog walker each time they go out of town, or the same dog walker every time they need their dog walked in Gwinnett County.

At 2 Paws Up Inc, we strive to keep all of our sitters working as a team. This means that every sitter is trained and familiar with the policies and procedures of our company. Every sitter is able to do the job with the same level of care and attention to detail.

Why We Use More than One Sitter

Imagine if your boss said to you that, from now on, you have to work 7 days per week. Not only that, you have to work morning, noon, and night, and that sometimes you will have to spend the night at work as well. How would you feel about doing that job? Would it be something you would look forward to doing? In addition, as you went on working without much of a break, what would happen to the quality of your work?

Even though we work with pets, the same reasoning applies to pet sitters and dog walkers. They need consistent days off and they need to be able to spend time with friends and family each day. They need time to do all of the things you like to do when you are off from work.

For our pet sitters to have days off, we must use more than one pet sitter per client.

We also work our sitters in shifts so that they have part of their time each working day to eat with their families, run errands, or just unwind.

We have seen that this keeps the quality and level of service high since sitters have the appropriate time needed to rest and recharge.

Why Our Clients Love that We Work as a Team

This is something that you, our clients have come to love because they know they will receive the same level of care no matter which sitter or walker takes care of their pet.

In addition, to you, our clients rest easy knowing they can count on us when they need care for their pet(s). You are not depending on just one person, but we have a team of highly qualified and dedicated sitters at your service. You are not left in a bind if there is an emergency with a sitter or if someone gets sick or must take a vacation, there is always someone to take care of your pet(s).

One of our clients, Colin Smith, in Grayson, had the following to say about our team of sitters: “All of the sitters we’ve used from 2 Paws Up Inc have been wonderful! Our dogs are very well taken care of and our house is in perfect order when we return home.”

Another client, Steve and Emily Johnson, in Lilburn, said, “Your service is a Godsend for us! We know that our dogs are in good hands when we are away. We would never leave them before we found you. No improvements needed! All of your sitters have been awesome!”

Are You Interested in getting our team of sitters to work for you? Contact us today!

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